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November 03, 2003

it is autumn again, it is november, it is the end of the warm season and yet it was warm enough today for me to go home, walk home that it, just like that, stopping in places, strange, familiar, taking pictures i have taken many times and some i was taking for the first time today. it was as if i had been in a deep water for a while and then the walk was a bit of an inhaling of the water, and being part of it, or was it? I did not take a picture of the Pizza sign looking exactly like the chase sign not far from it, making a photograph of the words "pizza chase" possible. I did not manage to take an image of the firefighters near lincoln center, or the girl who asked the firefighter if where she was sitting were a good spot.
I made some photographs of hands, faces, will like to combine them. I purchased fascinating moving pictures, stored on disks, little movies that just made my jaw drop and inspired me, and I just started watching them, just a few minutes ago.
And my spine hurt, and my body hurt, all day, but I had the light on and it was good.
And when you read genesis 1:26, you will notice that women and men were in fact created at the same time, even according to this ancient text. And I know you do not believe me, or do you?... Google it.
I also listened to this american life again, today, and it was as incredible as ever.
And I also found out more about the wall on that bridge, the one that happened to be at the 20th mile. There were images of it in the times this morning.
And then I heard about the wall again. And how faces were distorted, the body did not want to run anymore, how the brother beat P Diddy, but how he did not, how I would be too tall to run the distance, though the one telling me about it was 6'6" and i am barely 6'4'?, perhaps, or what does 189cm translate to?
Queens was supposedly the oddest, nobody cared about the thing in Harlem, the last 500meters were the worst, as were the last 700 meters, or the last three miles, or the last 6 miles actually. After three miles there were people calling their loved ones on their cellphones.
One should not run without music if one trained with music. ONe should run without music, just so one could hear the cheers. And yet the cheers did not seem to matter.
I ran for 26 yards today... and it was too much.
My best friend now has a daughter. She was born under a most wonderful star and she has my favorite names... perhaps...
i am starving and had no dinner... it is so late now that all i will be able to eat will be the moon, and it is just half there.
out in the streets the temperature now is 69F, or about 20C... perfect.
today was the summer we did not have.
i turned on the lights.
I am glad I did.


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