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September 30, 2003

A few transparent shadows hushed by my office yesterday. They were not even shadows really, more like areas of changed focus, as if the air had the density of water, spontaneously, in the shape of some creature, maybe for a split second, here, there. It happened more than once... then again.
My heavy head feels as if it were attached to the body with just a few quick stitches.
Upon arrival at home last night, I fell onto the bed, face first, and woke up an hour or so later, just to fire up the PowerBook again and to play catchup with my overdue projects. (And they are good ones, and I love working on them.)
I closed the machine at around 2am... slightly numb...
This is a very temporary condition, I know... the seasons are changing, Septembers tend to be difficult? It is the jetlag?
All will be good.


hmm.. transparent shadows.. slightly changed focus.. creatures.. okay, will investigate and report back. be forewarned this research could take years and years. :D but I will let you know.. or if you find out first, please let us know. My first thought is of course buddhas drifting by... but the world is a bit more complex than that. though it is not at all... hmm... density of water... hmmm....

although you know, what do your instincts say..? that is sometimes good indicator.. though remember you saw all those vultures that time in miami and were so scared it was trrbl, but in fact that is about one of the very most positive signs that there are.. and anyway, with the right view it is all positive.. but I uses to be scared of things, and now I am not.. as much.. still a bit chicken.. (Okay you never said you were scared by the naga water shadows :) Maybe the tantras say things better (someone just showed me this and I really like it.. :)

As a bee seeks nectar
from all kinds of flowers
seek teachings everywhere;

Like a deer that finds
a quiet place to graze,
seek seclusion to digest
all you have gathered.

Like a madman
beyond all limits,
go wherever you please
and live like a lion,
completely free of all fear.

- From a Tantra of Dzogchen

Posted by: k on September 30, 2003 12:29 PM


Posted by: m-L-e on October 1, 2003 09:55 AM


(thank you sof such inspiring words and images.)

Posted by: Witold on October 1, 2003 11:53 AM

look closer ;)

Posted by: m-L-e on October 2, 2003 08:06 AM
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