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September 04, 2003
one of the recovered ones

Here is one of the recovered images, btw. It was 99 and then it was too strange, so I never posted it. It does not have a story either, it is a bit scary... now somehow fitting after such an exhausting day...
Now really going to sleep... Hmm... I wonder what story he could tell... it could be the story of lost data... or would it be the story of him being data... lost, found again... yes, this could be a very nice Kafkaesque angle for a story. Somebody whom life reduces to data... a degrading act, really... and yet he misses it. He misses being predictible, misses being moved around as if her really were nothing more than a number...
Hmm... we might be onto something here... though it is a story told... so often... so often...


oh dear... fingers crossed for you. (glad we got to see the drawing though :)

Posted by: shauny on September 5, 2003 08:57 AM
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