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August 14, 2003
will we see the stars?

it is so incredibly dark here in new york. Outside there is a whistling of the police directing traffic to red candle light. at least they look like candles. There is a mass of people walking mostly uptown. Laughter, whistles, bus sounds, conversations. Police. It is a different city tonight. The sounds are very different. I thought that this was pretty much what Y2K was supposed to be like. Nothing is really working... no ATMs, no cash registers, nothing that needs refrigeration will survive the night.

When I had lunch at a japanese restaurant today, there had been just a new delivery of tuna. Half a fish, an entire huge muscle, it seemed, so incredibly fresh... so incredible. The chefs were debating how to place some of the important cuts...
It will be rotten tomorrow... it will be gone.

JUst made a huge dinner, with whatever I thought could go bad in the refrigerator. It was a good candle light dinner...
the battery power is running out on my powerbook... I will need to stop posting now...
Good night... let's hope the night will be quiet and peaceful...
oh, and New Jersey has Power...
The sky might be too muggy to see the stars tonight, but the lights in New Jersey, certainly look as far away and as fantastic tonight...


you sound very romantic!

Posted by: andrius on August 15, 2003 03:09 AM

i must admit, candlelight dinner is quite romantic, but i was utterly disappointed by the darkness in NY. it was not dark at all. the city still had this wierd glow casted all over the sky. i guess it came from all the cars that were stuck in the city canyons of manhattan, or came it from 8 million candles? one positive side effect from the blackout is my next energy bill (5% lower than usual).

Posted by: Joergen on August 15, 2003 07:16 AM

: ) power is back... (cable is still down, using modem)

Posted by: Witold Riedel on August 15, 2003 08:02 AM
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