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August 11, 2003

When he was younger, he wanted to grow up to have the looks that would match his abilities. He would have loved to have some sort of disguise, a mask perhaps. He imagined himself running into a phone booth and changing into a really tight outfit that would seriously show of his then serious muscles... maybe there could be a large logo on his chest. His own logo, feared, often projected onto the night sky over the city.
But all of this just did not happen. He did not get to change secretly in some phone-booth, and he never really went to the gym enough to make any spandex or rubber costume worthwhile.
He would have probably opted for rubber anyway, as most of his power sat in this old knitted vest made by his mom. It gave him his superpower... but it also made everybody in his class laugh. It also did not exactly excite the kind of girls he liked... What're you gonna do?
There was always a price to pay for being a super hero.



is our hero wearing a yarmulke? i cant see it too well, but i think i see a logo on it...

hehehe... he is wonderful.

Posted by: takuan on August 14, 2003 09:16 AM

yes, definitely a yarmulke... ; )
And he has an incredibly deep voice too...
His superpower is called Mitzvah...
He is just the really good guy.

Posted by: Witold Riedel on August 14, 2003 01:23 PM
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