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August 03, 2003

The possibilities were endless. Would s/he remain a simple tiny organism, keep imagination at bay, be a little center of a tiny one cell universe? Could s/he decide to split up a little more? Maybe become the idea of genetic information? Think beyond the rim of the thinking glass, imagine herself as life in general, turn this planet upside down, try to conquer all places, from the depth of the oceans to the peaks of mountain ranges, then farther, farther towards the sky, become the idea that takes over the entire universe.
Wh knows, maybe one day there would be books, objects made by printing with burned organic matter on sheets of filtered organic matter, books, in which some wise wo/man would write about her, describe her as the one who was the beginning of all life. Would they give her credit for it?...
Would they realize that they were created and actually ever renewed after her image?... Hmm... She did not dare to go that far...
For now s/he was a one cell organism aching to split into a day and a night.



hmm...i like that.

Posted by: britta on August 3, 2003 11:16 PM
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