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June 04, 1993
I almost kissed the tree...

I almost kissed the tree as I was trying to make out its scent. Nature in Baden Baden is still so wonderfully real.
I realize that I know much too little to be able to actually see the world around me. I also realize that at the same time I might just know too much to understand it. How much of my so called "knowledge" of the world is actually based on completely wrong assumptions, lies and results that only came to life because of some political stunts? 30%, 50%, 80%?
Reasoning might be a good way to win a game of Chess. The world here around me is a completely different game. The rules are much less defined, much less clean, than most of us assume.
I feel so lucky that I am alive. Incredibly happy too.
This entry is so confused because I am very much aware that it will remain very private. I do not think that there will be computers any time soon that will be able to read my handwriting. My handwriting is just such a chaotic scribble.
This here could also be that the paper here contains enough acid to self-destruct. The ink might also just fade away.
This make this entry of any importance for me now only. It appears that it matters most that I am able to enter it now, not that it will survive this particular moment.
(I can only assume that I wrote this entry in the hotel right above SWF in Baden-Baden...)

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