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July 08, 2003
how you doin'?

"When do you close?... Oh, you never close?... You're open 24 hours?"
Tourists get really excited when they find out that the city really never sleeps.
The guy behind the counter speaks like the Korean version of Sean Connery.
Love this guy.
"hooow yoo dooin'"
"how yo doiin?"
"hoow yu doin?"
I only walked out of the bodega as the flower-guys (the guys who sell the flowers) were teaching each other the street "hello".
Just steps away the shoe-shine-guy who happens to live in the special housing across the street on 95th, was using the same old trick of which I still do not know the ending.
"I bet, I can tell you exactly where you got those shoes and when you got them there. And if I am wrong, I will give you a shine for free...:
Two tourists were staring at him as if he told them that he knows how to turn shoe strings into snakes.
On the corner of 95th and Broadway, two huge Cadillac Escalade pickup trucks were used as oversized DVD players. The doors open, some strange looking movie on the dashboard display. The brothers are here almost every night to pick up some food at Nueva Victoria, the Cuban Chinese place with a tank full of lobsters in the window. Some say that Broadway up here is like any road in New Jersey, a repeating sequence of fast food joints and pharmacies and shops. But I still love my neighborhood. Hey, it is home...
(Note to self... do not drink and blog)


:) i like it when you drink and blog. cuban chinese huh? sounds interesting.

Posted by: michelle on July 9, 2003 12:38 AM

i like it too! wonderful descriptions.

Posted by: shauny on July 9, 2003 10:49 AM
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