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June 29, 2003
watching the sound

Instead of dancing or even listening to the music, I sat on one of the plastic chairs and looked at the Sound. It was a beautiful wedding in Port Jefferson, the location was a really remote country club, high on a hill on the north coast of Long Island. There was a fun crowd and happy music and dance (and the food was quite excellent as well). I was glad that there was also the possibility to just get out onto the deck and to watch the hundreds of boats on the water between Long Island and Connecticut.
It feels as if my ability to express myself coherently is still on that deck, now staring at the stars. I somehow can not write much more now. Please forgive.
Congratulations to Ilana and Matt.


beautiful :) i love weddings, gives you a tiny feeling that all will be okay in this world.

Posted by: shauny on June 30, 2003 03:07 AM

it is so strange how they vary from country to country though. The German weddings I remember did not quite give me that feeling of peace. Jewish weddings feel like a heavy slap on the back.
; )

Posted by: witold on June 30, 2003 07:59 AM
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