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June 23, 2003

She did not believe a thing. Nothing. It was just so frustrating, because all the good things that were actually true were just dismissed by her as pure lies. And it made him tired. So incredibly tired.
So he began to invent a reality. It was a different world, there were different people, the days were short maybe, but the nights were joyful and good. And suddenly, in midst of his completely invented fairy tale world, filled with odd, really odd characters, she looked up from his shoulder and said, "I am sorry that it took you so long, but I am glad that you are finally telling the truth."
And it did not matter, it did not matter. He did not care that he had just invented an entire world for her. All he saw were these green eyes and finally this expression of a confirmation that he had been working towards for weeks and weeks, or were they month? Ah, it finally all paid off. He was a happy man. It was worth it.
At least until this one time, when she decided that there was another man, with a better world, somewhere. And he was left with what he had created for her. It was now all his, all around him, part of him. And it was empty without her.



my god you are good with the words.

Posted by: shauny on June 27, 2003 08:37 PM
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