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June 16, 2003
is he back?

There is a very unusual piece of street furniture on West End Avenue and 100th Street. It is a piece of street furniture long abandoned, an object believed to be dead, to not exist anymore, to be just a piece of New York history.
I used it, it looked old and new at the same time. It is a phone-booth. A real New York Phone booth, one just like the ones used by that guy who can see things inside of houses without ever entering them, who can be in many places at almost the same time, who is a journalist, but only as a cover up for his actual activities. No, it is not Jayson Blair, it is Superman. I think he is back. He must be back. Why would there be a fresh, urin odor free and even scratchiti and glass etch liquid graffiti free phone booth. Unbelievable. THe sticker attached to the aluminum roof from the inside looked as if it were about 50 years old, but all the hinges, all the aluminum parts everything else about this phone booth is spanking new. Could it be a prop from the recent hollywood movie? How can I find out?...
Let's just assume, Superman is back.