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June 15, 2003
Daily Practise by T.F.

Tom Flemming, the man who made this site possible by teaching me how to set a <a href="hyperlink"></a> (and then coding this beast, because I still don't know the H, the T, the M or the L) is now back with his "practise", a series of daily fragments and observations, all of them with a time stamp, all in reverse chronological order (so far, on one page). One could easily mistake this site for a "blogue", but I think what we are about to witness here is more of a content and comment destination and not just a fancy island of a mere web-traffic cop.
There is a major difference, is there not?
Tom is not just an artist/director/writer who happens to live in London's Notting Hill, he is a real celebrity in certain circles, a member of some quite exclusive clubs, he has more than one Master degree from the one and only Royal College (of Art) in Great Britain's only London.
We should and are expecting some great things from this new site, we are deed to be the first ones to know of it existence.
So go visit, set a bookmark, go back there, read and hope that he will soon include a comment feature, so we can all just ask for more.
I have no idea why his site does not use Movable Type, of course, but I guess he knows why. Will he perchance tell us?...
I am adding Tom's "practise" to the blogroll, will be back for some good reading.
Welcome back Tom, thank you for coming back to join us personal publishers.
(And as for the spelling, dudes, check this out!, yeah man, he's a true Brit!, like, totally.)

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