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June 13, 2003

It was what he called the "Panda Syndrome". It was an issue with visual miscommunication. He was an angry beast, His brain was large, he was ready to make anything into food. He wanted to be feared. He would be feared, of course. There was just this stupid problem. The two large eyes on his forehead. They were not real eyes. They just looked like eyes, but that was enough. Enough for anybody to adress his forehead, not what was his real face. Enough for others to think that he was plain weird... he was a mean angry monster with jaws of death. Who knew...
Oh, and then there were these strange little tentacles right below his strong and dangerous arms. Whenever he would get excited or ready to hunt, they would just wiggle around and tickle his armpits. Incredibly annoying and very, very uncool... aargh... damn the evolution.


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