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June 11, 2003
lazy me?

so I go to this guy's blog, and he has not updated it for days now. I mean he has, a little, but not really. And what is up with those "daily" drawings? Not really happening, are they? Daily stories? Where? Any idea? Hmm. Looks like our friend Witold got a little lazy? Is it the weather? Maybe the weather got really nice in New York, and so he just went to the roof of his building and started staring at the sky for days now? Quite possible, isn't it?

Oh, how I wish this were true. I have been just very focused on work for the last few days. There are two entries I wanted to make so serious that it took too long to actually write them in the time I wanted... hmm...

Excuses, excuses. Post something. You must have something interesting to post, no?...

try ümeric
and as a great contrast... this.

Let me pull out that graphic tablet. I am not really good at that linking stuff... ; )

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