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May 27, 2003

thank you so much for the kind words and mails and all the good energy... it is a bit better now, things are not looking quite as gloomy as they did just this morning... at least I am telling myself that things do not look as gloomy.
The last thing I would want this blog (well, it is actually not really a blog or is it?) would be a daily complaint about some sad perception of things. Witold!, get over yourself, grab yourself together, smile, sit up straight, buckle up, and no spitting. Also... it actually takes dirt to grow flowers, so feeling bad is a good start for something positive at times. Gosh, this is all pretty forced, isn't it?
I am doing better though... I think I would even like to write a little more...
Except my battery is threatening to go out for dinner in about 18 minutes, which according to the new time system of the old batteries might actually be about five.
Oh, look, I made a little drawing. ( I made many more today, yet still not the ones I was supposed to have done by today. Aargh.)..



this little one is so cute!! with plants in his head :D

i was wondering when this was coming.. i thought, would he miss a day :)

also, you know..the lama who lives near me, always says about these practices we do where we try to take others negativities...you need the shit to make the garden grow. :) so truth in that..

also, you mentioned a helicopter some bit back... did i metnion p had an entire swat team and helicopters out back his place one morning, swarming up the building with big guns..? he yelled out to them (of course, with him..) but he yelled out, who are looking for and they sid, the bad guys.. :|

we live in the land of unreality... people think life is a fckng movie!

(srry swearing in your blog, but i don;t think your parents read english..?)

Posted by: k on May 28, 2003 12:27 AM

ghetto biiiiirrrrds.
do you live on the west coast k?
they don't seem to migrate.
i don't seem them here in bkny
not as much as i did in el lay, anyway.

Posted by: em!ly on May 28, 2003 01:58 AM
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