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May 26, 2003
do you see what I see?

I found this sealed webcam in the recycling room on my floor a few months ago. Somebody got it for free with their broadband service, I think. The person must have a mac, because the camera only works with windows compatible drivers. (I really hoped it would just work with my PowerBook...)
I tried installing it on the little vaio I have here, but Logitech was trying to push me into some "special" deal. I was supposed become part of some sort of cool comunity (that looked suspiciously like the folks I see all the time on the first pages of search results on stock photography sites.)
So I kept the little plastic eyeball under the bed so it could collect something less glamorous than images of my surrounding (dust.)
I reconnected the wires yesterday...
I looked for some friendlier software solution than the "free" one... (wait they called it "FREE!", which I begin to suspect must really mean something else.)
I am currently running the "CoffeeCup WebCam 3.5 Trial" I have some 'free' days left of the shareware.
I pointed the camera at myself at first, of course (wouldn't you?). I then noticed that I had not shaved for a while and that my favorite Sbritt t-shirt shows that I have been wearing it for a while.
So I pointed the cam at the corner of 96th and Broadway, since I have been describing events on that corner so many times.
The image quality is pretty miserable, but you can probably see the various players of the corner, at least architectonically speaking.
I am very likely to turn off the camera soonish. I will probably end up pointing it at myself as well (of course...). Right now the image below is actually a live feed, updated every 15 seconds. (It does not update for you, you might have to refresh the page.)
As you can see, it is raining in New York. There are barely any people in the street. Click here for Legend.



can i have the webcam as a standalone or pop up window please?

just for a bit of a live to sweet londra.

Posted by: Paul Smith on May 26, 2003 11:15 AM

Love the webcam of your NYC street!

Posted by: Janet on May 26, 2003 12:00 PM

woow, super! u nas dzisiaj strasznie padalo, grzmoty, blyski, mnostwo wody ;) pozdrawiam :)

Posted by: louve on May 26, 2003 01:09 PM

i hope you are feeling better. that the rain wipes the slate clean. best thoughts coming to you via california.

Posted by: emdot on May 26, 2003 02:00 PM

ale sie wpatrujesz w te komputerki :)))

Posted by: louve on May 26, 2003 03:56 PM

rodzice moi mieli sobie zobaczyc jak syn dzisiaj wyglada, ale jeszcze pracujemy nad transmisja. narazie to ty jestes jedyna chyba co mnie widziala. gratuluje.

Posted by: witold on May 26, 2003 04:29 PM

Hi Witold, I agree with Paul, I would love to see more images from NYC. Some day, I will go there again!

Posted by: Pat on May 28, 2003 01:37 AM
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