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May 18, 2003
Full speed...

For the last few weeks it was all "full speed ahead" and "pack more hours in the day." My slower thoughts and emotions are barely catching up now. The fast ones easily followed. I am more effective, more focused, faster, more efficient. But it feels a bit strange to have left my sense of curiosity somewhere around the corner behind me. If this place here did not exist, I would probably think that it is not me. I would probably just fall under the impression that the world around me has changed and that certain things just need to be "dealt with" rather than explored or slowly nurtured. But because this little site exists and because it works so well as a tool to monitor myself (don't you just love this kind of language?) I can clearly see that I have optimized in some of the wrong departments. (Some of the right ones as well, it is not all negative growth...)
If you had to deal with me recently and have noticed a change for the negative, please forgive. I have spent the last few weeks in this very specific mode... Hmm... I just wish my mind would calm down already, so I can gather my thoughts and maybe open my eyes and not just look but also see again. (Thank you for your patience.)


that's life... good days n' bad ones, ups n' downs n' learning curves... no need to apologize... we all have them.

btw, did you read the article in the n.y. times 'bout bloggers?... what did you think of it?


Posted by: - s - on May 18, 2003 11:52 AM
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