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May 08, 2003
moleskine 002 027

Better, better, smaller, faster, quicker, more agile, more effective, higher, swifter, wider, cheaper, more successful, richer, tastier, more advanced, ahead of the pack, better... or is it?
How many mutations are really necessary? Is everything we come up with a result on the path towards another semi-solution, as good as it gets, for now? Good enough? The peak of what we can come up with now?
"Yeah, space is the place these days..." the man next to me actually said that at his lunch break. His conversation partner was one of those bare-bone optimized guys with really advanced forearms and sleek glasses.
Thoughts are like ricochet when spun this early in the morning after several hours of preemptive work.
Would you like coffee with that? and sweet please.
Good morning.


How small can cell phones get and still be useable? I don't know, but I do know that I like blogs with illustrations.

Posted by: MrBlank on May 8, 2003 09:44 AM

i think at least one angel drawing should always make it into the moleskine!!!

...as for cell phones, my friend michelle has this tiny little samsung flip phone who's face is backlit in blue...well a cool thing happened last nite...she flipped the phone and the screen was upside down and backwards...kinda' like an office prank where you take a screen shot of a buddy's computer and flip it upside down...except this is a real fluke! her cell phone is perma-dyslexic now.

Posted by: em!ly on May 9, 2003 03:27 PM
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