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May 06, 2003
nearly blind

Who would have thought that en eye doctor appointment could turn into such an adventure. The entire procedure at the office was not the wildest thing I ever had to go through. I had to stare into some machines, some with cute little pictures of a floating baloon. There were bright s in various colors, there were letters in various sizes. The ones I was able to read easily had a tiny 20/20 right next to them, so I guess I am pretty okay. The doctor told me I was fine. She then went on to drip various liquids into my eyes, and then she did some other tests which "did not hurt a bit." After the tests I was told what these little floaters were all about which I kept seeing in front of me. Apparently eyes age and so the substance within the eye becomes more flaky, which leads to these virtual artifacts. I am just getting older. That's all. I am otherwise fine.
I will return to this very friendly eye doctor in a year or so.
"You are like those three year olds," she said "first they come in screaming and then they do not want to leave." I had not screamed, but I really wanted her to put on that funny helmet again and to shine into my eye with this large bulb. I also wanted to see the little balloon again. My body probably just wanted some more novocaine. yey.
I was ready to leave the practice, just wanted to finish this silly article I had started in the waiting room. Hmm, except all I could suddenly see were these large blobs which were the illustrations, and between them this grey mush, which must have originally been the text. I could not really see.
I left the practice, found my way into the lobby of the old apartment building, looked into the mirror and even though I only appeared as a blob, I was a blob with completely opened pupils. They were big. I was a blurry squirrel.
The outside was absolutely too bright for my taste. I have no idea what possessed me to walk home instead of taking a cab. One reason could have been that there were just many yellow blobs on Park avenue, who knows if there were any cabs among them.
I entered the park. The sounds around me became what I saw. Never before have I perceived the park as being so noisy.
And then there were these really cute looking humanoid blobs everywhere. Really funny and many, many of them. I wanted to record a little blog entry, since I could obviously not write... so I was looking for something that might look like an empty bench. I somehow found myself in the Ramble, the portion of from which the city can not be seen. I pulled out my PowerBook, I opened it, and all I saw was this blurry thing of a screen. How was I supposed to record anything with this? The computer was somehow useless. I tried to look for the "access" control panel, found it, looked at it and only saw a large button that said "turn zoom off" underneath tiny instructions obviously for the seeing elite, not for me. I eventually figured out that the key-combination was apple-option-+ ... the screen zoomed like crazy, I saw 6 letters or so on my screen. I used the apple-option-minus shortcut to get the characters down to a comfortable walnut size. I am still at this point btw. stil typing as if I were an ant, jumping from key to key. Gigantic letters flash up on my screen. I can barely see.
I had to put my computer away. A blob dressed in white socks first passed me from left to right, then from the other side. He then sat very close to me on a bench and I could feel that he was ready to just grab my computer and run. Not something I wanted to risk, with my eyes squinting so I could see anything at all. The recording bit did not work anyway. I could not find a way to record with my osX. I could have probably asked the squirrel which later came to visit as I was sitting on a different bench. And you know what?, even if it had not been a squirrel, I would not really know. It was a blob.
I left the park around the corner of the American Museum of Natural History. I tried to pick paths which had no bipedal blobs on them and then almost closed my eyes and walked rather slowly. I made it to Amsterdam avenue at last and gave it up, just grabbed a cab. I am now at home. My screen has a resolution of 300x200 or maybe less. I will now close my eyes and wait for the blurriness to go away. I hope it will. I have deadlines to keep... hmm...



were the blobs a result of the liquid she had dropped into your eyes ?'

Hope you feel better now.

Posted by: T on May 6, 2003 09:19 PM

oh yes, the lovely yellow drops, where you look like some kind of yellow eyed vampire. that stuff takes days to get out, meanwhile people look at you like you crazy.

Posted by: michelle on May 6, 2003 09:58 PM

Gads! It should clear soon (a couple of hours). Those drops dialate (sp) your eyes so the doc can look at the back of your cornea. Keep us posted...

Posted by: pat on May 7, 2003 01:29 PM
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