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May 05, 2003
barely posting

Posting Moleskine pages barely counts as posting. At least for me it barely counts as posting. And did you notice that the descriptions are turning shorter and shorter as well? "On the left hand side: a lamp, on the right hand side: something else." Sad. What happened to the observations and the listening in on what the universe has to say?
Hmm. The last few days have been a bit dense and heavy and somehow deep. (Not in a good way deep.) I would wake up in the middle of the night to take a breather and then fall asleep, upright, on the sofa. Barely breathing. Exciting, isn't it? I used to get asthma attacks in Germany during this early May season. This is the time when the streets in the city where I used to live were (and probably still are) covered in a thick layer of yellow powder. Pollen. Wonderful. Everywhere. Not the best thing for a kid who grew up in the first heavy industrial area of central Europe. I mean, where I grew up there would be sud and dirt in the air, not sharp edged pollen and other strange spores sent into the atmosphere by overly excited trees. And so I turned into a pathetic allergy case. My spring time would be consistently the time of tears and sniffing and barely getting any sleep.
New York is a bit of a healer for me. The ocean is close, the winds are good, nature is 98% man made. This is my kind of town. So I should not really complain. I do get some sleep. I do get some rest. I can breathe and get to see things using my eyes. Even in May.
So why am I not writing more? Sitting awake on the sofa in the middle of the night sounds like the perfect setting for some jolly good stories.
I somehow work too much during the day. I need to slow down a tiny bit. Maybe soon. Maybe once some of the projects go into a er phase. Hmm... until then... "on the right hand side: a lamp"... "On the left hand side..." or was it the other way round?


if recent activity is considered "barely" posting "not posting at all" must be intense!

do not concern yourself too much, witold. i don't know about the other members of yr' audience but i have remained highly entertained.

honey. gobble it up, and feel better.

Posted by: em!ly on May 5, 2003 11:31 PM

honey, yes local honey is supposed to help. I will try.
I think I have some Gelee Royale from local bees... might be even more fun. Let me check...
: ) (thank you for the tip.)

Posted by: witold on May 6, 2003 12:09 AM
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