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March 25, 2003
Scarier America...

I was just given a little flyer that gives me $20 off all gas masks, I can also get $30 off respiratory protection for children and infants. The back of the flyer lists "Promotional Packages", like the $265 Adult kit ($379 on the website!), it contains 1 Gas Mask, one NBC protective suit, one package of NoRad Potassium Iodine, one pair of Nitrile Gloves and booties (!) and ... ready?... Duct tape!. The Package also contains a flash ...
Nuclear families can also order special kits. They vary in price from $499 for a Dinks family to $1425 for a two adults, one child and one baby kit. The baby protective wrap is called Schmartaf, like Schmata, except the RF model. Wonderful. There is free delivery on all promotional packages. You think that I completely lost it, don't you? Well, see for yourself, visit:"Safer America". I will now go and draw some more.


$78 gas mask vs. $3 sakura micron ink pen
$150 protective suit vs. $8 sketch book

wise decision, rock on, witold.

Posted by: griff on March 26, 2003 02:35 PM

Thank you Griff!
yeah... sketch book keeps sane even when there is no attack...
: )

Posted by: witold on March 26, 2003 09:17 PM
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