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March 25, 2003

Yes, the postings here are paralyzed by the current events. And no, I do not really think that protests can change anything right now. I do not think that stopping traffic will change anything either, at least not right now. It is too late for that.
Now might be a good time to rethink habits. I will park my large 4x4 in the farthest corner of my garage and will not drive in it until somebody asks me to put it into the collection of relics of the lost oil hungry aera. Oh, wait, I do not have a car, or a garage...
Today, more than ever, might be the time to produce art. Maybe? I am paralyzed. I have written some posts, but they are filled with what I was taught to think of war and what I was taught to think of agression.
I was only taught how to react to agression, not to be on the other side. (Replace agression with "liberation".)
It seems that everything I write is very incompatible with what I am now sold as the truth. Pravda used to be the word, now it is Truth... at least the German word Wahrheit (read Vaar-heyt) sounds closer to its own meaning...
Can I pay my $258,12 now and switch the channel? : (

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