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March 19, 2003
111 pages 058-060

No separation for channels of perception. Much of the world around us is actually part of a world within us. Much of what we think is on the outside, is more of a comparison game with the world we already know and remember and carry with us. To make faster actions and decisions possible, much of our perception is actually assumption. Many of us can work perfectly feeding only off these assumptions. A computer is a computer, a table is a table, a chair is a chair. It takes a lot of energy to reinvent the world that is around us at least for a certain portion of our awake day. What is a necessary learning process for every child, as it discovers the world for the first time, becomes something that is often avoided by an "experienced" adult.
This is true for all channels of communication. The "familiar" is often the mask that translates any perception into a quickly digestable experience. This survival strategy makes us very efficient on one hand, but on the other hand, we can often be blind with our eyes wide open.
This does not mean that the world needs to be reinvented every single time, of course, but it is sometimes good to know that what we experience is not really what is out there, even if the system might seem all completely true and "logical" in itself.
It is sometimes healthy to be most sceptical in moments of least perceptual resistance. When things seem clear and simple. When the colors are black and white, this might be the time to at least try to discover a number of shades between them.

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