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March 10, 2003
111 pages 031-033

Planes are packed with images. International instructions that advise us what to do if there is nobody left to tell us what to do. Adventures in design. Ready or not. Then there are the window seats for those who want to experience a continuity in their lives. There are the aisle seats for those who like to get up a lot. And then there are the center seats for those who just want to get it over with. Those who were not able to convince the ticket person otherwise and those who think that they can accomplish this really important thing on their laptop 30 thousand feet above ground. I wonder how much really happens there.
The destination of the 2000 trip was Miami, a little resort called "Monaco". It is really far from what one usually refers to as Miami beach, so the crowd is a very different one. These are the quiet moments. Did IBM shares hit $193 in 2000? Or was I just making it up?

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