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March 07, 2003
111 pages 022-024

How fitting, on this evening that happens to be a sad one, there are these odd drawings. These stem-drawings. The first one was just a complete failure. It began with this term "Entertainment Hobbyist", that hung outside of a model making store on 22nd Street. It was a little shop upstairs and some of the guys found it interesting all of a sudden because it had these remote controlled cars. The .com money had to go into something silly, and since everybody had palm pilots and new laptops, and shiny new phones, they began to go for the toys. Remote controlled cars. A dream of every boy, you know. It is a bit like magic, this remote control stuff. The building of a model is also a bit like magic. Entertainment Hobbyist sounds as if there were the Battle Hobbyist and the Hygiene Hobbyist and the Government Hobbyist. And I guess they are there. Oh well, this is, of course, a completely different story.
The building in the drawing was just awful. It was a really bad drawing and so I started drawing little lines here and there, just to somehow fix the drawing. And then more and more and at some point it had nothing to do with the building. It was as if this Organic mass had taken over the architecture and just grew completely out of proportion and in some rather odd directions. Hmm... I am not quite sure what I could have meant by all this...
The next drawing is a bit of a more clear direction. These are arrows, yes, and they all point into one direction. Yes. They are however very much like the pointers of a compass, you see, and all of them somehow resemble a face. Clearly. Thus, we have a face going South, one could say... going down? Or could it be that this person is going against the stream because she is going backwards? Or could we say that this person has a certain grace, because she chose to take things in rather than spewing them out. So while the face might be looking towards the left, which is in western iconography the past, or the start of things, all of the streams that make the face are pointing into the future, the right direction, and so on... A very simple drawing. And a complex one. (Okay, maybe a bit too obvious... but it is just a sketch...)
The third drawing is just a little drawing of Port Washington, a quite beautiful little place in Long Island. It is not difficult to get there. It just takes one train line. The little cars are school-busses. If you would like to color this one in, use yellow for high visibility.

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