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February 13, 2003
Subway? series? 48-49

Real Diamonds on sale for $89 or was it $8.9? or $8-9? There was a crown, spot, a crown on $89? I guess it does make sense. It is a very particular kingdom we are thinking about here. Then there were these bags, maybe? They seemed to be ready to sit in the grass and watch playful lovers on the green hills outside of their cabin at sunset. This would never happen of course. The bags would soon be separated. One of them would end up in a dark closet, and the other, if lucky, maybe as a tool bag, somewhere, down the line. Or maybe they would not be separated. Maybe nobody really wants this particular color these days. So they would travel together, onto the shelves of one of the stores out there between the pizza place and the browning studio. Just steps away from the beach. And then? Then there would be a tag war. There would be new numbers attached to them, and new higher percentages would indicate a big deal. Bags are some of the best storytellers.
And then there is charter. A wave flows right through the door. The door is happy and wants to run, but it stumbles on the sign.
The birds in the parking lot could not care less about the special, new, better than ever, new and improved, still the same taste kind of things.
The s are the highest points that can be fought for here.
Nobody will ever know that this was the day when birdy found a way to defy gravity without the use of wings. Pure bird brain power.
But there is no crown, no price tag attached to him. There is not even an . So nobody will ever know. Because nobody will be asked to look.
And birdy does not quite translate into numbers. Except from him being one (of many.)


Birdy should totally get and tatted on his right wing 'bout mid way up.

Posted by: super secret agent on February 13, 2003 01:49 AM

'bags are some of the best storytellers'... loved that bit. and love the birds on the light.

Posted by: shauna on February 13, 2003 09:13 PM

they are, aren?t they?...
oh, boy... i am so burned out, can?t wait for this week to end...
(happy V-day, btw... it must be almost over in some corners of this planet...)

Posted by: witold on February 13, 2003 09:17 PM

love the drawings. when i look at them i feel as though i am there looking at the object.
and i get to fill in the colors.

Posted by: ochong on February 14, 2003 12:21 AM

Witold, your drawings are so inspiring. I love them to bits!

Posted by: Isabelle on February 14, 2003 05:33 AM
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