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February 10, 2003
Subway Series 42-43

It was definitely in the public library and it was definitely looking at a book about the Native American Art. The library building itself is built into an artificial hill. This is probably to keep the temerature a bit lower all year round. All year round being at least warm and humid in Miami.
There were nice simple tables by a window. Outside was wild vegetation, beyond that the mall parking lot. Inside visitors of all age groups engaged in serious information exploration. One of the library employees was on the phone explaining to someone that the library would not deliver books to their house, especially if they are only visiting from out of state.
Will need to write more elaborately about the role of lines in drawing. Lines as edges of objects are often an invention of out brains. Linear drawings are maps of places. They are not the actual places. Hmm... just a thought... one second... oh, it is too late for this one... tomorrow?...more tomorrow?


I really enjoy your site. I'm glad I stumbled on it.

Posted by: Hannah on February 10, 2003 10:33 AM

Thank you, Hannah... (I hid your email address from scavenger bots, btw. When leaving comments, leave your email address but then also add anything into the "website" field. This way Movable type will hide your email address and only send it to me, where it is safe. If you do not want to leave anything in the "site" field, try adding some characters that will be very easy to recognize as not part of the address to the human eye, but which will likely clog the system of a scavenger bot collecting email addresses for spam. Many users like to change their addresses to "user at host dot com" some write "user@hostNOSPAM.com"...
We have to do something to at least slow spam down a bit.
I am also really glad you came here.
: )

Posted by: Witold on February 10, 2003 10:43 AM

yes, more : ) {please}

Posted by: k on February 10, 2003 10:44 PM
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