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January 31, 2003
Upup and away...

There was a line in front of Sapporo and I really did not have much time, so I thought that it might be just nice to go across the street and have some fish on this foggy, cool friday. Sushiden always has tasteful pieces of art in their window, so I imagined that the food could possibly be delicious. Once I found my way to the upstairs restaurant I was surprised how tiny it was, at least from what I saw. There were maybe 5 tables, all packed with sophisticated young urban professionals (oh boy). The sushi bar was the same, a picture that felt like 1988. Many Manhattanites networking and enjoying their lunch break. I would have maybe waited for the "few minutes" I was told it would take to get me a seat, but then a sharply dressed highly caffeinated bolding guy asked me if I was indeed waiting for the coat check. I had to leave. I will go back, of course, just maybe in a quiet moment, maybe in the summer. When not all of these people are there, at the same time.
I like the streets of New York when the sidewalks are wet like today. New Yorkers do not look up when walking down the streets and avenues, so this is a good opportunity for them to see the city reflected in the water on the ground. I do look up. I do not think I will ever stop looking up.
Just sometimes one can become a little dizzy doing so.

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