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January 22, 2003
right wrist continued...

My right wrist hurts, so what. Still need to blog, still need to write emails.
It was incredibly cold this morning at 9am when I finally made it to 60th Street. My orthopedistís office is just behind the new AOL/Time Warner building. It is a very windy block right off Circle, right off . It was so cold that my eyeballs seemed to freeze. Tears just came out of my eyes and turned into cold streaks on my cheeks.
The office of Dr. Rosenstadt looked very nice and relaxed. I had requested the appointment more than a month ago and was happy to finally be let in to see the man who might be able to help me with my right wrist.
Turns out my appointment was not for today. I will need to come visit a week from now.
Back into the cold, more tears.


Brrrrr! Glad you are seeing someone for your wrist, they should help! BTW, it will be 10 degrees below 85 here today. :-)

Posted by: Pat on January 23, 2003 12:32 PM

Glad you went to see about your wrist at least your mind is at rest. Have you thought about trying out speach recognition software? it might at least give your hand a rest.

Posted by: sian on February 6, 2003 05:36 PM
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