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January 19, 2003
The Upgrade

Chris upgraded my blog to version 2.51 and it took him less time than it is taking me to write this post. He then finally fixed the search function here on this page. Now you can really search the blog (and only the blog) and get some meaningful results.
In the link section of the site, he added these little numbers that remind me that I should finally migrate my old bookmarks to this more quiet area of the site.
(I have more friends than myself, unline indicated by the empty friends list.)
Thank you again for helping me out Chris!


No problem Wit.

What Witold neglects to tell you all is that he came by my apartment to help ME. I have a semi-complicated wired/wireless home network that has been working beautifully for months. About 2 months ago, the Powerbook stopped surfing the Internet. It had an IP address, it could talk to the other computers, and it could print, but it couldn't surf. I basically stopped using it after troubleshooting for days and days. I just couldn't fix it. I seriously considered eBaying my beloved Titanium.

Well, Witold came over and fixed my whole network in less time than it took me to upgrade his moveabletype. So, therefore, the thanks go to him, er, you, Witold. Thanks for sorting my shit out. It's working beautifully again...


Posted by: chris on January 20, 2003 11:11 PM
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