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January 15, 2003
bloody who?

Dzien Dobry, yes, I was born in Poland. I think I might be pretty Polish. (Though I do feel like native American at times, and sometimes like a little a snow monkey.) Do I keep mentioning that I am Polish? Or does it simply radiate through my writing style? You know that Poland has this amazing energy somehow that just glows through sites like Eeksy-Peeksy.
So, I was linked to by a site called... bloodypolaks. You can imagine my rage when I clicked on that link? And what happened then? Not much. The site does not seem to show much when viewed on a Safari. I came back as an Internet Explorer and saw that the site is run by a Polish guy who is actually “promoting polish existence on internet”, and that rawks. (= rocks = is a good thing.)
Some of the sites he linked to are quite unusual... pregnantki (the Pregnants. Or the documentary of three pregnant photographers by a non pregnant photographer. All children, all sons are now born.) But some of the other Polish links are pretty diverse to say the least. Happy clicking.
One of my favorite links is the one to Internetowe Muzeum Polski Ludowej (The Internet Museum of The People’s Republic os Poland,) which is a bare bone collection of artifacts from the time of the cold war and Solidarnosc and such.
Some of the gems of the collection are definitely the coupons for sugar (2 pounds/family/month/if you are lucky to find it), or a combo card for Sugar, Soap, Detergent and some special item... (really). Or how about this beauty, for meat, smoked meat and beef. You can also listen to snippets of the underground broadcast of Radio Solidarnosc. This is the original sound quality so be warned. Actually, the sound quality is not so bad compared to the western propaganda radio stations that had to fight their way through the airwaves on frequencies crowded by cover up national broadcasts. I wonder why I do not remember tik-tak and his little world. I guess I was too old for all this cute stuff in 1981. Strzalka.


hurra! you've met my 'Pregnantki' site somewhere in the net..how did you get there? I'm curious..
chcialam tylko sprostowac, ze pregnantki nie fotografuja, a jedynie wdziecznie modeluja :-)

Posted by: soni on January 20, 2003 03:51 PM

Can you imagine MY rage?!?! :)

Posted by: +om on January 22, 2003 03:05 PM

hm, polish shit seems to have flooded the web :)

Posted by: ravs on November 21, 2003 02:40 PM
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