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January 14, 2003
Our friend Hugo...

I have been working a lot in the past few weeks and I completely forgot about Hugo. Anna had written about the little guy on her (fantastic) blog and she mentioned that Hugo needed help. I was more than happy to be able to somehow help out. It looks like I was actually one of the first people to become an official Hugo friend (this is amazing. I am also happy to see Dawn as one of the friends as well.) Also, there is now a sock dog made especially for me. Look at this little guy. Anna really cares. Hugo now has his own blog, there are updates on his condition. We know that his bloodwork came back okay. (I think I know more about Hugo now than I know about myself. But it is all great. This is what animal love should be like.) Hugo?s operation is scheduled for tomorrow. Let?s wish him all the good luck. I think you can still donate for Anna?s animal causes. You definitely should. She is very serious about the well-being of her little friends.
I have to admit that I never met a ferret in person (or should I say in ferret?) but Hugo looks like a very friendly little guy. Even if I never get a chance to meet him. I am glad that he has Anna and I am glad that I can be one of the friends.


how lovely. and your sock dog is a real cutie too...

Posted by: shauna on January 14, 2003 05:01 PM

Okay, I'm crying all over again now!! Thank you so much for your help, Witold. I just updated Hugo's blog, and his surgery went well...I'm so relieved. It feels SO GOOD to help animals in need, really. If I can make you feel good by giving you a sock dog in return, that makes me happy also. I really hope you like it...I imagine you'll have him in your mailbox by tomorrow!

Posted by: Anna on January 14, 2003 05:29 PM

Wooowieee, am I glad that the surgery went well! No crying, please. It looks like things are turning for the best.
I love the little sock dog you made. It is incredibly cute. I did not even know there were sock dogs out there, or that ferrets were so incredibly cute.
(I heard today that they are smart and cuddly as well.)
So thank you very much for all this new knowledge. And the love for animals!

My host stopped sending me comments from my blog, so I had no idea you left the message here. Thus the delay in my reply. So glad things are better with Hugo.

Posted by: Witold on January 14, 2003 11:07 PM

Aww bless. How wonderful that Hugo's surgery went so well. I've had 3 Hamsters which were tremendous fun, I can only imagine the joy that Ferrets bring.

Posted by: sian on January 15, 2003 04:58 PM
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