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January 10, 2003

1. Where are you right now?
i am in at the office in midtown manhattan.

2. What time is it?
it is 6:50pm

3. What are you wearing?
i always wear the same things. a blue shirt, a blue sweater, good pants, black socks and comfortable shoes. (yes, there is underwear in the mix)
oh wait... i am not wearing a shirt today, just a t-shirt and a tennis shirt with long sleeves. (Yes to blue sweater.)

4. Any people or animals around you? Describe them.
everybody left. i am currently making last preparations to leave the office as well. I will have to work on a project this weekend and need some source material from the server. Logos and things.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
i was supposed to leave the city this evening. i was pulled into this exciting presentation however and so my weekend will be spent working on a fun project. i can not tell you what it is, but it is pretty exciting. (I am serious, it is a good one.)
I also promised to have a different proposal done by monday, so this is going to be some wild weekend.

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