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January 02, 2003
a bit tired

The temperature just dropped. And the air is now filled with billions of tiny needles, eager to hit the ground. The Hallelujah man was screaming on 50th street as i was walking towards the subway. He blessed all of us, stomping the ground. He appears less loud in midtown, but that’s because midtown is just so very loud.
The homeless man on the train was quite honest and to the point. He was just looking for money. The last car on the 9 was almost empty. He was using the classic blue coffee cup for his money collection. “We are happy to serve you.”
At taco bell there was no beef. “We have no beef, just chicken or steak.” I guess that is pretty honest as well. The lady preparing my food got a phone call in the midst of it. So the food was prepared with one hand.
I then ate it with one hand.
I will probably need a bit more rest. Starting now?

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