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December 13, 2002
i am witold, buy me.

Chris DiClerico had a blog to which I used to post until some of the political opinions there got so much the opposite of what I think that I pulled my contributions just to save my soul.
I do not think that Chris is a bad person, quite the opposite, he might be one of the most reliable people out there and if I ever were in any kind of trouble (from lost sense of well being to attack by burning psycho zombies) I would certainly call Chris.
Chris is probably the most amazing guy when it comes to creating the feeling of family, the kind of family you get to see in commercials and never thought existed. Look at his blog. He has basically given it to his friends, no matter what their opinions might be.
He just somehow manages to make people feel at ease and inspired and good, no matter if they are little kids sitting behind him on the plane or some top executives in supercharged suits at an international billion dollar corporation.
And that’s an incredibly valuable skill.
Chris also has another amazing talent. He can draw tiny pixel people that actually work quite well as portraits of people you know and people he knows. I am one of the people he knows, so there is a little picture of me there, in my regular uniform, with my leica minilux at my hip.
My hair used to be sly different when chris made the Pixel Witold and the titanium Leica has been stolen, but that is, of course, not the point, so the pixel me might be one of the more accurate depictions of me out there. (Chris really knows how to work these pixels.)
And now you can buy the pixel-me on some fun products. Just in time for the holidays, Chris made a whole CafePress powered “Shopping Center” where you can buy cups and shirts and thongs and lunch-boxes with some of his pixel creations. It is quite amazing, because there actually now exists a set of Witold postcards, a long sleeve shirt with the pixel me on it, a mouse pad and a t-shirt. And they all say “i am witold” and I am laughing because he did a fine job. I am happy he did not make a thong with my picture on it. I am hoping for a lunchbox though.
I am not sure if anybody will ever buy anything with my picture on it, but now everybody can. The prices seem pretty low, the things look pretty funny, so who knows, maybe one day I will run into somebody in the street who will have a t-shirt on that says “i am witold”...
I hope that some of the people who buy the postcards maybe send me one, because I am going to wait with my purchases and I certainly do not get a portion of the profit generated by Chris’ new merchandising empire. (Or maybe I should talk to Chris about it?) : )
What do you think?


but there is a thong!

Posted by: susan on December 14, 2002 01:41 PM

WOW, I am sure this is temporary. How funny... (blushing)

Posted by: Witold (blushing) on December 14, 2002 01:54 PM
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