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December 07, 2002
Fort Lauderdale

The future is here boys and girls. I am blogging from a seat in an airport where the floor is bondi and the main spoken language is Espaņol. I had to pull out the PowerBook to get through security. A big machine sniffed through all of its brownish cavities and here we were, on the wanna be Eames pleather seats waiting for the Spirit to come. (Spirit Airlines that is.) I opened the book, turned on the AirPort just for kicks and it felt like Christmas and Channukah arrived all at the same time. Well, maybe not quite as exciting, but pretty close. About 600 messages poured into my mailbox, System update let me know that it is time to install new Software and the blog just came on as if we were at home. Now that is nice. This is what they told me the future would look like when I took the first Powerbook 100 home about 10 years ago. So this is the future I guess. I can be in an airport, use the airport and just log on.
I only wish this future could certain buildings and exclude certain wars.
I am very much looking forward to landing at home in New York. The good old New York. And I hope some of the plants survived. I think I left the windows open.


happy flying, witold... and no screaming on takeoff ;)

Posted by: shauny on December 7, 2002 07:35 PM

*giggle*  I hope your plants are OK.

Posted by: d kitty on December 7, 2002 08:49 PM

Fly home safely!!!

Posted by: Pat on December 8, 2002 12:59 AM

wow, i can not believe that i actually forgot to post since my arrival. I guess New York just does these incredible things. Thank you so much for supporting me even though I was far and away from my "desk."
So much happened since my arrival. Let me write a bit more...

Posted by: Witold on December 8, 2002 04:21 PM
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