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December 02, 2002
Public Access

There is a fluffy wall next to me here. I am in the children's section of the Miami Dade Public Library, which is across the parking lot of the Aventura Mall. I am spending my 45 minutes with public internet access here. My station is #202. I have about 10 minutes left of my worldwidetime. Perfect to leave another little live post.
I was almost escorted out of the mall just minutes ago. I was taking pictures of fish in a fish tank there, and because fish are not my family, and only pictures of family are permitted, I was instructed by two security officers to stop taking pictures. "Sir, the of your Flash... oh you have no flash on your camera." I was given the Aventura Mall Code of Conduct, which was supposed to instruct me how illegal it was of me to take pictures of fish in a fishtank. I could not find the rule, which did not really help me. There was the little universal Police Notice which allowed the officers to remove me off premises, so I did not want to test their patience. They were kind enough to show me the directions to the next public internet access point.
The library here is very friendly. THere are many computers and they are really being used quite well. I received a little Time Pass with a number (I am user #71 for today!) and a time limit. (5 more minutes left.) The setup does not allow me to surf at very high speeds, but I was not asked for any form of identity and was even given a little Alcohol Cleansing Pad. (I wonder if it is for the mouse or the screen or both.)
My adventures in Miami continue. I am looking forward to Thursday when it will be time to visit Art Basel, the famous art-fair which comes to Miami every year. (After Basel, of course.)


this is amazing...there is a town in california called "valencia" you know...home of "valencia oranges" that's rite--they're not from spain...and also home to calarts...in the 1970s clear up to about 1989 oranges and art school was all that was there, and then la cops started to build houses there and no it's a snooty little town...with a mall and in the mall there is actually a plaque that says something to the effect of "no individuality allowed"

Posted by: em!ly on December 2, 2002 04:09 PM

So, the camera police almost got you! They have ways to make you talk! When you get back, can you fix your comment/cookie "Remember Info" saving thing. It will save me about 1.5 seconds every time I leave you a comment! ;-)

Posted by: Pat on December 3, 2002 01:46 AM

Yeah, the cookie thing does not seem to work,
but only in the pop up comment window. It is the same code as on the individual archive page and it works there. This is the strangest thing.
I can not find the problem in the code.
Try clicking on the time after the post. This will bring you into the individual archive page, which definitely remembers your info. I have no idea why it works this way.
Also, I am looking at the page from a PC now and there are certain layout issues I will have to iron out as well. Oh boy, the fun never ends.

Posted by: witold on December 4, 2002 11:34 AM
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