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November 24, 2002
Lilies again

The lilies opened within a day of being put on the little nesting table by the window. Their stigmata moist, reaching for their new concrete sky. The stamen had to be cropped, as they are the messy part, and so the petals fall to the floor one by one...
The flowers are undressing. More and more, every hour. Soon they will be the memory that will let me find new ones, which i will put on the nesting table by the window.
I think i like it more to place little seeds in moist soil and see how life grows and expands, than to see beautiful fragrant flowers die with such incredible grace.


ohh, beautiful :)

Posted by: shauna on November 24, 2002 10:36 PM

oh, thank you.
(they are almost naked now.)

Posted by: Witold on November 25, 2002 01:05 AM
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