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November 23, 2002
an accident

There was this sound of screeching brakes again, on 96th and Broadway. And also this tiny almost silent sound, like the tipping on the shoulder. When I looked out the window just seconds later, all I saw was a brownish white dog, lying on her side, the green leash attached. She was motionless. There was no car. There were New Yorkers running towards the animal, pointing towards the direction of downtown traffic. A large black SUV stopped right in front of the dog and a red flashing went on in the middle of the windshield. A more obvious Police car was there another 20 seconds or so later. The Police stopped traffic. They built a little protective area around the dog with day glow orange cones. Now everybody stood around the dog as a larger and larger area of dark blood began to appear around the head of the animal. The dog made several very weak attempts to get up. The attempts were so weak that they almost looked like the last little movements before a long day’s sleep. Now the owner finally found her injured pet. I am too far away to make out faces of people on the corner but I could hear the screams, the cries of worry. It all looked very hopeless for quite a while. The police man from the large black SUV seemed to be sucking on his thumb. Some of the New Yorkers were still pointing in now very different directions. If a person were injured, they would have already been whisked off to one of the hospitals here. I do not think there are ambulances for pets yet. The policeman in uniform, who was on his cell phone almost since his arrival, pulled a bright yellow blanked out of his car. Several bystanders helped to spread it out next to the dog. It is very windy today so it took a little while until the body of the animal could be pulled onto the plastic blanket. There seemed to be blood everywhere now. The humans wrapped the dog as well as they could and placed it with great care onto the back seat of the police car. The scene was cleared and the car sped off with flashing s and the syren on towards .
There is a growing bloody area in the middle of the street. The tires of cars are turned into rubber stamps and spread the dark red in all directions. Blood just looks wet when it is on the asphalt, but the stripes of a crosswalk are now red-white-red.
I naïvely imagine that the dog will be fine enough to soon warn her friends at the dog-walk in Riverside Park, not to cross Broadway alone, not too quickly, not without the owner. I think i like this thought.


I wish they had pedestrian bridges here in new york city, children, doggy and cats while walking with their owners will get used to it and cross the streets that way.

I hope the driver will try and make a difference by adopting a dog or taking good care of one in the future.

Posted by: T on November 23, 2002 12:07 PM

CALL 800-AMBU-VET (800-262-8838). A 24 hour ambulance service specifically designed for your pets, owned and operated by vet techs.

Posted by: em!ly on November 23, 2002 03:47 PM

Wow, who knew... Hope the police man knew... I guess he did not. Let me post the number as a real post, just in case somebody will come looking for that number.

As for the pedestrian bridges. Some early designs of the new Manhattan actually celled for a separation of traffic, trains and pedestrians. I have seen it done in Rotterdam and it did not quite work.
Central Park is built this way though. There are three Central Parks and they rarely meet. There is the pedestrian Park, the one for Horses and the one for cars. I will need to post about it as well... i think.
I like what is currently happening in Boston. There will be another post. Big plans for hte blog future. ; )

Posted by: Witold on November 23, 2002 04:08 PM

ohhhhhhhh :( i hope he'll be okay. always breaks my heart even more to see an injured animal. probably because they're not at fault, just sweet little doggies trotting around. you never see a dog driving an SUV do you?

so how are you doing?

Posted by: shauna on November 23, 2002 10:10 PM
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