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November 21, 2002

There are evenings when it seems incredibly difficult to look back at the day and to embrace it as a whole living thing. There are just tiny glimpses of impressions, tiny memories which would probably make no sense if written down. There are some moments that would just need a longer description, a context, moments that can not stand by themselves.
“Can I have a and sweet, with two sugars?” “ and sweet is four sugars.”, “Okay, let me try that.” “Here ya go 50 cents. I will have to give you dimes, I am out of quarters.”
Two women in their early 20’s were sitting on the edge of a Plant island on 46th street, in the middle of the block. One of the women must have gotten something in her eye. The other woman was assisting. The picture of them sitting there was rather beautiful. I just rushed by, but I saw this man, maybe also in his 20’s looking at them in a concealed way. He was just an observer. I saw his face for a split second and it was enough to see that there was not a trace of hostility in him at this time. He was just there watching them help each other. I saw the scene composed one way at first and then as a completely new composition, as a reflection in the window of an abandoned theatre.
Crowds were gathering at Rockefeller Center to see the tree. It is being decorated these days. The tree is covered from view by a large banner. NYC2012. Everything is the Olympics.
I just need sleep now.


oh man... you write so well I could just cry

Posted by: shauna on November 22, 2002 11:16 PM
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