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November 21, 2002
Through Dawn’s eyes.

It is really no secret that one of my favorite sites out there is lifeuncommon.org. Dawn Mikulich has been doing web work for seven years now and her creations tend to gravitate towards several layers of perfection. Visit the site and you will immediately know what I mean. Her site is a bit of a photo blog, but what an incredibly elegant one.
Dawn lives in Chicago and many of her photographs are taken in the Windy City. She might love Chicago as much as I love New York, so I understand. Well, her love just went a step further now, as she unveiled a new sister site to lifeuncommon.org, called chicagouncommon.com . The new site has a .com domain, because it is built to sell the pictures Dawn took. There are currently about 275 photographs on sale. The price range is designed to attract customers. $40 will buy the largest, an 11"x14" print. Dawn will manufacture the prints with her own Epson Stylus Photo 2200. So the prints are made to last for about 75 years or so. Chicagouncommon.com is a work in progress, but it already has really excellent features and corners and tips. Yes, the photography is of the high quality that we are now accustomed to seeing from Dawn, but the site is not just built to sell pictures. The links on the site lead to sites that help to take care of photographs, help with color compositions in the house, help to find the right frame. There are book links to publications which will help the visitor of the site take better pictures. What we have here is a very handsome site that shows us a very private way of looking at Chicago, we have a commerce component and we have a hub to photo-advice. I am looking forward to the updates of the site. Dawn promised weekly additions. Really looking forward to that. All the best to Dawn Mikulich with her new uncommon project.

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