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November 19, 2002
Sunrise 7:46?

Another spectacular sunrise is is turning colors upside down. The sky just turned from a deep violet into a prussian blue and the windows of the buildings on West End Avenue are glowing with a day-glow orange. Some are still asleep, their glass is brown or black, but it will only be a few short minutes until they also will reflect the fire. Soon the little -bulbs that glow out of some kitchens will be turned off so they can watch the rise of the star that they were made of. Right now their hot Wolfram threads still fantasize in their own airless universes.
Shades of pink and orange are now appearing as if they were painted across the sky. The area over the city seems like a slowly developing photograph of an abstract painting.
Sunrises are quite overwhelming every single time. According to the weather service, the one today is supposed to happen at 7:46 AM. I have the feeling somebody did not adjust their clock to the winter hours (and it was not the sun.) Or are we really one hour away from the official sunrise? Is the burst of yet to come?

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