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November 16, 2002
the 963/981 Blog

It is usually bad style to talk about Blog statistics and whatever has been changed with the code on this page, because really, who really wants to know? There are from time to time exciting little mile pebbles (not quite stones) which make this whole blogging thing even more fun. So why would I not share? I missed the moment, but the amount of comments has now surpassed the amount of published entries on this blog. Who would have thought this would ever happen. My writing in most cases deals with such tiny little things and thoughts. I am amazed that there are comments at all. I really like comments of course (I love them). If you are reading this entry, feel free to leave a little comment, would you like to? Say it like it is. It is ok. I can handle a lot. And what I can’t handle will be deleted and if you are really bad, I will ban your IP. Really, for now the comments have been really fantastic. No banned IPs and if a comment is ever removed from the blog then only because it is just so good, or so personal that I can not quite handle to have it up on the site. I lock it into my heart. (I also had to edit some comments because of potty mouth syndrome.)
Some of the readers might have noticed that this site lacks an “about me” section. It is just not easy to write one, at least not for me. So I do not even want to try. It will take a little while until I will be able to add one here. Before I do that there will also need to be a (*huge*) thank you section for all the people who made this here possible. (This will be a laaaaarge list.)
If you really want to find out more about me, you can see pictures of me on the mirror project. Some dear friends told me that this person there looks nothing like me. I also started adding myself to 14K4 .mac buddy central, so if you would like to find out more, give it a try. I just started though, so it is not the finished me up there.
The best way to find out more, if you want to, is to send me an email. I should be able to answer all the “secret” questions as well, but only if you tell me about yours, of course.
And yes, please add more comments. I really love them. And at least make up a name when you leave them. If you do not I get an email from myself saying all these nice and not so nice things.
Expect a similar post to this one, once we pass the 1000th published post mark (and the 1000th commenter will get a little present. How does that sound?)


suggestions of keywords.
okay, i could have plenty. but camera lucida was left out, and i felt sorry for her.

Posted by: k on November 16, 2002 07:21 PM

Well, I usually don't like to comment unless I feel like I have something to add. And usually it turns out that the feeling was completely mistaken anyway. So, uh, this is fairly uncomfortable.... OK, well, obviously I like your site. OK, then, well, you know, bye!

Posted by: Ray on November 17, 2002 03:20 PM

i also am fast approaching the 1000th comment on my blog and i also was thinking of a gift! sorry, you are ineligible, you already got your gift!

Posted by: griff on November 18, 2002 04:41 PM
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