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November 11, 2002

Wow. Who would have thought. Yesterday, Stuka of NewstodayŽ posted a link to the small drawings 1999 and small aero drawings sections of witoldriedel.com.
This made about 500 people click and look at the little drawings. Which is great. I really like Newstoday. They seem to have some really good contributors providing nice contributions in a quite well designed environment. Happy.


see! told you that you deserved to be more popular ;)

Posted by: shauny on November 11, 2002 05:53 PM

Good news Witold! I'll go check out Newsday. Nice!!

Posted by: Pat on November 11, 2002 06:39 PM

ooops, I meant, Newstoday, sorry...

Posted by: Pat on November 11, 2002 06:40 PM

Happy. I think they are a pretty good site. ; )

Posted by: Witold on November 12, 2002 08:07 AM
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