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November 07, 2002
cloister cash

The lady in the fur coat really wanted to know how much it is to enter the cloisters. The man behind the counter was very happy to explain of course. He tilded his head and his smile and his eyes lit up: “Well, it is $12 for Adults, $7 for students and children under 12 go in for free.” “Children under 12 for free?”, she looked around if everybody was there. She was there with two more “adults”, three kids and this one boy who felt extremely uncomfortable being very tall. The man behind the counter continued: “Hmm, the prices are actually suggested. So if you would like to give more”, he smiled, “I am sure the museum would not mind.” He turned to the tall boy. “How old are you?”, “Fourteen.” He really did not want to be there.
The lady paid $45. She was very happy to get all the brochures and maps. She distributed the little (M) tags among the children and the entire group moved pointing towards their first historical attraction.
My turn was right after them. I gave the man a dollar. And then the strangest thing happened. He seemed to have a problem with the cash register. He almost closed the drawer, then typed something onto the keypad, the $45 disappeared from the display. He then quickly typed in 0.01 seven times and closed the drawer. He took my dollar and entered it into the system correctly. I maybe have not quite paid the full suggested $12, but this guy just made an extra 44.93. Cash.



One name for you St*n P*t*rs*n. We me through him.

Glad to have found your site.

[nobu x]

Posted by: nobu x on November 7, 2002 08:36 PM

My former dentist's assistant was doing this, too: Take the cash, mark it as paid by credit card in the log. Dentist didn't try too hard to reconcile her debits. Assistant has since been arrested.

Posted by: David on November 11, 2002 02:51 PM
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