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November 06, 2002
Hello NYC

So it is New York you like, not me? If it is so, then you will certainly be happy to read some samples of Eight Million Stories in a New York..., by Heather Holland Wheaton. You can find six of the mini observations on The Morning News site. You can afford to buy the book from Amazon, of course. After all it is just $5. The cost of a regular coffee at Starbucks.
Oh, and do you want to know my opinion about the stories? They work so well, because they are so bare. They are not really about any particular people. People are just defined by names. Jerry, could be the Jerry you know, but it could also be the Jerry I know. What makes these stories so New York is that Heather really tries to be extremely specific when it comes to the little items that are so typical to New York. Jerry collects string, but it is not just string he collects, it is Amy’s bread and Odd Job string... and so on. So the stories might seem to be about people, but they are very much about the city. A book filled with New York gems. Well done.

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