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November 05, 2002

There was a fire in the subway on 79th street, I think. There is no way to find out. It is not News worthy. I took the M5 bus downtown, trying to avoid pedestrian traffic. It worked until the bus hit the route of the train on 72nd street. Masses of strap hangers were there, ready to switch for the bus. Some of the potential passengers were stunningly unintelligent or incredibly rude. Somebody actually asked the bus driver if he could take a different avenue down, just to match the route of the train. A lady got on the bus and began questioning the driver. “How far downtown do you go?” “This is a Limited M5, I am taking fifth avenue to Houston street.” “Yeah, OK, but where do you make the...” she turned her entire body in a walz like movement.. “the turn”. “This bus will go down 5th Avenue“... “That is not the question...”... She wanted to know something she did not quite know how to express. The bus was packed. On the corner of 59th street and 5th Avenue, right in front of the Plaza Hotel, people in the back turned from restless to screamy. “The back dooor. OPEN THE BACK DOOR!” A man screamed louder and louder. “THE DOOR!” The bus driver was a definition of calm. “The next stop on this bus is 57th street and 5th Avenue. Our current position is not a bus stop.” We had just stopped on a red . The man in the large BMW next to us was desperately looking for a sandwich. He finally found it somewhere under the seat. His tracking system was telling him exactly where to turn. There were neon signs in the windows of Tiffany’s. SHINE. I smiled. I really love New York. Just hope nobody got hurt in the fire on 79th street. If there was one at all.

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