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October 26, 2002
Aperture F50

there are several photography exhibition going on in New York City at all times. And because Aperture celebrates its 50th birthday, there are now fifty more, hidden all around the city. One could pick up a map at Aperture on 23rd street today and participate in a citywide treasure hunt. Most of the visitors at the open house today were more interested in the snacks and the open bar, as well as the band that played. The house was open, but it was not a spacious house, so there was barely room to somehow take a minute with one of the photographs displayed in a salon hanging. And then there were the photographers. Many were very young, very wager to press the shutter and to somehow record their vision right there and then. “Can I take a picture of your neck? Just the front. Very close up.” Click, click, click.
There were at least 5 photographers with cameras in various stages of camouflage (one had put black tape all over her ContaxG2, so it looked like a broken piece of a toy), shooting a passing by homeless lady. Her dogs liked it. She did not. It felt as if the spot in front and inside the Aperture headquarters were a more interesting place than the rest of the city. Just one look over to the empire state building with its random flashs from the observation deck, calmed me down a bit. Film was being exposed somewhere else as well.
I had no snacks, I extended my subscription though, for 50% less than usual. I will hunt for treasures later next week. Oh, there is an article in the Times, of course, about the whole event: A Citywide Treasure Hunt for Photographs With Vision, by Sarah Boxer.

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