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October 23, 2002
In progress

Hello, it is not good blogging style to constantly point out changes in the design and to go on and on about what will change in the future and how things will look very different on one’s own site or blog. But it is very tempting, of course to write about all this, because quite some time goes into making things as simple as possible (and not any simpler.) Some good amount of time also goes into making things look good, of course. I am glad that I am not alone working on this here. I would not have been able to construct this site without the help of Tom who sits in London. Really. He helped me with the original templates and now he really helped with the random titles on the blog pages, not just here, when you go into the archives you will see that there also, things have changed. The images in the archives are based on my memories of paintings from the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I dream in black and white, I remember things in black and white, so it only makes sense for the illustrations of the archives to be this blurry memory black and white.
The pull down menues on the right hand side of the page were written by Chris, who has a quite fantastic multi user blog, where I sometimes even contribute. (there is a pixel version of me that contributes.)
When you decide to leave a comment, you will notice that there also things are changing. A little hotel phone from Hotel Atlantic in Montauk is there now, shot 1993 or so, maybe the third time I came to the United States. Somebody told me that they knew that I would move to the States. I could not believe it back then.
There still seems to be a bug in the comment pop up... It is very odd, but the system somehow does not remember the user information. It is very odd, because I have reused the code from the individual archive page, and the “memory” works there. Try it. To leave a comment do not click on the comment link, but on the time when this entry was posted. You will be able leave a comment and to store your information in a cookie. (Remember it.) Very odd.
I think the blog roll is too long. (the list of links on the right hand side of this page.) It is nice that at some point all of these links on the right hand side were very exciting for me, but I must have started losing track after reaching the golden 50 per category. I will need to take some of them and put them back to where they belong, into the links section of this site.
I also will need to assemble a little top 10 list of my favorite posts on this blog. Not all of the posts are essential, but there might have been a few good ones. It would be nice if readers who stumble upon this site had the opportunity to read something good, not just whatever happened on this particular day.
There will also need to be an about me page, I guess, something that explains why certain things are happening, and who the heck I am.
I also am not quite sure how many users come to visit this page anymore. I will probably have to install a little counter again, just to see if I can start writing about more privat episodes, because there are no readers here anymore.
The blog will very soon reach the 900th post. I think I will write past the thousand before the end of the year. There are so many more plans for change and improvement here. But I can not give them all away just now...
Oh, I am working on little Holiday presents. They are supposed to be real, original valuable pieces. I am very serious about them. There are good things on the way here. Please come back from time to time, even if I am not the typical angry writer or the sarcastic writer, or the writer that somehow knows so much about everything. (I am actually not a writer at all.)
I can just observe tiny subtle changes in the world around me and be really amazed by the things I see and hear. I promise to write more about them. Soon.
Every day. I hope for years to come. With always new eyes.

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