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October 14, 2002
pictures of friendly animals

The scans are not ready yet. The pictures are. Just spent the last three hours just going through the prints. Some of the pictures came out not quite bad. Some just touched the limits of my good old praktina and its shutter. The cloth curtains of the shutter just can not quite synchronize at high speeds and so some of the images are ruined technically by variations in brightness. They look like streaks. All in all it seems that this trip was much closer to nature and to animals than I remembered it to be. I will post some of them tomorrow, it looks like there seems to be some intimate relationship between me and the animals i shoot. Some of the images look a bit like staged portraits of domesticated pets, and yet they are taken of completely wild birds and insects, and even some deer. I can already see that much of this autumn will be spent in , or even better in Union Square, where sqaurrels are fearless and encounters are many. I seem much too shy to take good pictures of humans.


welcome back, witold! can't wait to see the pics. you're right ... people are definitely the hardest animals to capture well, as we're obviously the only animals who know/care that our picture is being taken. i've heard lots of people debate the ethics of "stealing" a quick candid in the city streets. i can see how it could be considered rude or intrusive, but it's difficult to otherwise capture truth with people. as long as you're not selling the images, it seems there's no harm done. what do you think?

Posted by: rob on October 15, 2002 12:05 PM
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